Project 111 would like to thank The Midland Area Community Foundation for their generous grant in the amount of $40,000 to fund the Project 111 Driving School. Project 111 has developed a driving school and is pleased to announce that thanks to this very generous donation it will be launching a driving school in 2022. 

Project 111 is a safe driving non-profit serving high school students in Midland County. Project 111 promotes safe driving among teen drivers through a comprehensive education program and by providing incentives to stay traffic ticket-free, including high-ticket gift cards to Nike, Lululemon and Ulta or an Apple Watch or iPad. The current Project 111 program primarily serves juniors and seniors.

The Midland Area Community Foundation provides philanthropic leadership to strengthen our community by fostering collaboration and giving today and in the future. This project meets the Midland Area Community Foundation’s Focus Area: Caring for Our People.

By establishing a driving school in Midland County, Project 111 will be able to connect with both parents and teens at the very beginning of their driving years. By teaching driver’s education, Project 111 will begin reaching teens at fourteen and fifteen years of age and will continue speaking into their driving experience up until graduation through their well-established Project 111 education and incentive program already at work in the schools in Midland County. 

“This is really an opportunity to build relationships that will last their entire high school career.” Said Sarah Schieber, Executive Director of Project 111. “Teaching driver’s education will allow us to begin an education process with our teens that will continue to influence them with teaching and messages of safe driving until they graduate high school. Driver’s education will be the beginning of a long relationship, not just a moment in time for a teen. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of MACF and their vision for keeping our teens and community safe.” 

Part of the Project 111 Driving School will be an extensive component geared towards parents.

“We hear from parents all the time that they are confused about the Graduated Driver’s License program,” said Schieber. “The goal will be to engage and educate parents right along with their teens. Parents will even be part of the behind the wheel portion of the driver’s education process. All research indicates that parents who take part in their teen’s driving experience have safer teen drivers.” 

Project 111’s goal all along has been to establish an educational component of Project 111 that speaks a teen’s language as it relates to safe driving. Starting a driving school will allow Project 111 to incorporate their already established messages and teachings into a teen’s driving experience at a younger age. The  Project 111 program is clearly working. By combining incentives and education Project 111 is reducing teen crashes in Midland County. Midland County teens are involved in ten percent fewer crashes than their peers around the state of Michigan. Project 111 works and now can offer their program to teens at a younger age! This is a win-win for Midland County. 

Thank you, again, Midland Area Community Foundation! By committing this funding to Project 111 you will be keeping generations of drivers safe.

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