Late last week the Governor’s Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced some very alarming statistics and Project 111 wanted to make you aware immediately. 

This was the headline:  Traffic Deaths SURGE during pandemic – despite fewer drivers.

Fewer people are on the roads these days due to quarantines and Covid-19.  So!  You would think that traffic deaths would be way down? Right????  

Unfortunately not.

New stats released late last Wednesday show that traffic deaths in the third quarter of 2020 were UP THIRTEEN PERCENT!!!!!  Driving has literally NEVER been more dangerous than it is right now.  

We felt you needed to know this information so that you can be more careful when you are driving.  One of the things we teach our teens is to DRIVE DEFENSIVELY.  Part of driving defensively is to not trust anyone.  

PLEASE!  Please drive defensively.  Drive like everyone else on the road is drunk. DO NOT TRUST ANY OTHER DRIVER.  Clearly – we’ve all lost our minds or our skills.  Consider sharing this info with your family and friends!  Statistics show that parents who talk to their teens about safe driving have safer teen drivers.  The same could be true for your family and friends and the risks are too big.  Let’s keep each other safe. 

There’s so much talk of vaccines right now. The vaccine for safe driving is already IN YOU!

Slow down.  Buckle up.  Stow your phone away.  Never drive impaired.  

You have now had YOUR SHOT of safe driving information.  Please share this with as many folks as you can and let’s create a community of safety! Together we are more powerful than apart.  

Drive Safe.  Project 111 Cares!

Sarah Schieber

Executive Director, Project 111

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