Greetings Project 111 Peeps!  We have some important info for you this month!  February is HIGHWAY DRIVING month!  You might be surprised to learn that Michigan has some of the busiest highways in the country!  Project 111 has some important tips to help keep you safe!  Especially with all the crazy weather we are having! 

One of the most deadly issues facing teens behind the wheel is SPEEDING!  This is especially true on the highway.  One-third of ALL fatal crashes are blamed on speeding.  Here in icy and snowy Michigan – we want to remind you the speed limits are set for “IDEAL ROAD CONDITIONS!”  That means that if the speed limit is 75 mph out on US 10, but it is snowing . . . even a LITTLE bit . . . you should NOT go 75 mph!  In fact – if the roads are wet, snowy, or if it is foggy . . . DO NOT GO THE POSTED SPEED!!!!!  

The honest truth is . . . IF you go slow enough . . . you WILL be safe on snowy or icy roads.  Slow IS the key.  One myth about slick roads is that if you have four-wheel-drive you can go faster.  This could NOT be farther from the truth.  Just last week I was traveling home from skiing at Caberfae and US 10 was a sheet of ice.  There were many vehicles off the road.  MOST of them were trucks.  Please do not get a false sense of security on slick roads.  Slow down and you should be safe (as long as one of those four-wheel-drive trucks doesn’t slide into you 😊)  Remember that on-ramps and off-ramps are often slippery even if the highway isn’t.  Use caution when entering or exiting the highway!  

Another important reminder about highway driving is that the left lane is for PASSING only!!!!  Do NOT be ‘that guy!!!!!’  The one who causes road rage in others because they go slow in the passing lane (yes!  I speak from experience!  LOL!!!!  It makes me quite angry!)  The Michigan State Police are actually cracking down on this.  They will pull you over AND ticket you if you are impeding traffic by holding up the passing lane!

Here’s the deal peeps!  Driving on the highway is actually a really big responsibility!  It can be easy to zone out while driving on the highway – but the truth is – you need to know where EVERY car is at all times!  Think about the speeds people are driving.  ONE TINY ERROR and someone could be dead.  THAT is the truth!!!!

Four years ago right now I was out on US 10 coming home from the Detroit airport.  It was a sunny, clear, beautiful day.  The roads were dry.  A big group of cars was tooling along from Bay City towards Midland at about 80 mph.  Suddenly, up ahead, I could see a car begin to fishtail!  What in the world!  There was NO reason for an accident on a sunny, beautiful day!  Apparently, two cars were traveling too close to each other when one tried to change lanes and clipped the back of the other vehicle.  Within literally seconds BOTH vehicles were flipping and flying off the highway at 80 mph!  The truth is . . . it was so violent that I only saw one vehicle.  The other was camouflaged by the dust and debris and I didn’t even know there were two vehicles until the dust had settled.  The one I could see . . . . flipped through the air, crashing into the ground and flipping through the air again, multiple times.  It was violent and terrifying and I will NEVER forget it.  Everyone involved was ok – except the mama in the vehicle I watched flipping.  She was thrown from the vehicle because she had unbuckled long enough to check on one of the kids just prior to the crash.  I don’t think she will ever be herself again.   

Please!  Please remember that driving . . . especially on the highway where speeds are higher . . . is a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY!  Project 111 cares about you and we want you to be safe!!!!!  Please keep ALL vehicles in sight and know where everyone is at all times! 

Lastly!  Project 111 would like to thank Garber Chevrolet for their generous support of our incentives for the month of February!  

Stay alert!  Stay alive!  Project 111 Cares!

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