Project 111 gives INCREDIBLE incentives so that we give teens GREAT REASONS to drive well! 

Here are the October winners from Midland High.















By offering amazing incentive to students who sign up for Project 111 and then stay traffic ticket free and in good standing at school and in their community, we get teen drivers to think before they drive. We are encouraging them to make wise decisions because they know they could be rewarded for them! 

You may have heard of us as the ‘iPad’ program because in the past all of our monthly grand prize winners won iPads.  Now, because of our awesome community sponsors,  Project 111’s  monthly grand prize winners will now have a choice of six GREAT incentives:  iPad Mini,  Apple Watch, Go Pro, $300 Ulta Gift Card, $300 Nike Gift Card, or a $300 Lululemon Gift Card! At EACH participating school. 

Our sponsors deserve a LOT of credit and support for what they do for the teen drivers of our community. Be sure to support them in any way you can!

Davis and Davis

We put our money where our mouth is! 

We want to give YOUR TEENS reasons to make great choices behind the wheel! 

Congrats to all our great drivers!!!!!

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