This is the perfect time of year to have the talk with your teen driver.

No, not THAT talk – you need to have the TEXTING talk. Sit your teen down and talk about staying distraction free. Explain to your young driver that you, too, are going to drive distraction free, and that you are willing to be a good example. This is #notextnovember, and you and your teen driver can both sign our pledge to not text and drive.

Sign Our Pledge

Winter is coming, and new drivers must be prepared for the rapidly changing conditions that come with snow and ice. Having hands free and fewer distractions will make winter driving safer for everyone.

Making a commitment between you and your teen driver will help both of you to be accountable to not pick up your phone while you are driving.

Follow us on Twitter @Project111_ and then post a photo of you and your teen driver(s) and your signed pledge. Use the hashtags #IAMProject 111 and #notextNovember and be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate for your teen driver.

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