About Project 111


Project 111 was the dream of officer Chad Schieber who passed away in 2007 while running the Chicago Marathon. Officer Schieber realized that the law enforcement community has only one option to enforce good driving – giving kids tickets.

Did you know that the teen brain is different than an adult brain? The frontal lobe of the teen brain is not fully developed. This is the part of the brain that controls consequence reasoning. In other words, teens do not process consequences at an adult level. They do, however, respond well to incentives!

Officer Schieber wondered what would happen if we gave them incentives to drive well, instead of consequences?

Chad passed away before he could get his program off the ground. His badge number was 111.

2014 was the pilot year of Project 111, the fruition of Officer Schieber’s dream. Each year, all seniors at Midland and Dow high schools are entered into Project 111 at the beginning of their senior year – regardless of previous driving, school, and community records. The students must remain in good standing within the community and at school and also must stay free of traffic citations to be eligible for prizes during their senior year. The students are reminded throughout each week to make good choices in life and on the road.

Those good choices are then rewarded! Each month three students from each school are awarded $50 gift cards and one student from each school wins an iPad. The grand prize at each school just before graduation is $1,000 awarded to a graduate!